Online Voice Translation
  • Covering 144 languages around the world, you can travel around the world without communication barriers
  • Satisfy the needs of cross-language voice communication in multiple scenarios, such as traveling, socializing and studying
  • Simultaneous interpretation with real-time display of conversation content
Real-time audio to text conversion
  • Generate text documents from audio files with one click
  • Interview research, one-click recording + translation and transcription, so that the voice can be efficiently sorted out
  • Real-time translation and transcription with multi-language coverage, record class notes and meeting minutes at any time
  • Offline real-time translation and transcription, regardless of network environment limitations
  • Real-time recording and transcribing with up to 97% accuracy
Highly accurate real-time offline translation
  • Real-time voice translation even without network, making travel, study and office more efficient
  • Provides offline voice libraries in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Spanish and other commonly used languages
Translation Earphone: any ordinary bluetooth earphone can be turned into a translation earphone in seconds
  • APP + any Bluetooth earphone = Translation Earphone
  • Experience the daily life of foreign language environment, real-time translation of the surrounding people's conversations into the target language, learning anytime, anywhere
  • No need for a tutor, easy to realize multi-language conversation and communication
Photo Translation
  • Translate as you shoot, what you see is what you translate.Translate road signs, logos, menus, etc. with a single shot and display the translation results in real time.
Chat Translation, Chat Worldwide
  • Group chat translation, no language barriers, socializing, chatting and traveling the world freely
  • Remote conversation translation, international dating, business, breaking space and language barriers, understanding global information in seconds
Program Advantages
Seconds response speed
built-in super chip
0.5s response
translate as you speak
Wide language coverage
144 translation languages
automatic translation by voice conversation
Accurate Offline
Highly accurate real-time offline voice translation
translating even without network
with accuracy as high as 97%
Voice Recognition Array
Intelligent noise reduction interpretation system
accurately expresses information
and delivers clear voice
Core technology
Intelligent syntax interpretation system
artificial intelligence learning
natural language processing technology
Application Scenarios
Multi-language full-scene translation coverage
Traveling and shopping abroad, it is inevitable to talk with foreigners
Study abroad, classroom notes, real-time voice translation and transcription
Multi-language real-time voice translation and transcription for cross-border business
Hardware Products
AI-enhanced, hardware and software combination, covering full-scene translation needs
Wooask brand has professional intelligent voice translator, translation earset, Bluetooth translation stick, AI intelligent voice recorder and other hardware products, which support real-time voice dialog translation in 144 languages worldwide, and highly accurate real-time voice translation in 8 offline languages, and are committed to breaking the language communication barriers in different cultures. The whole series of translation products cover the needs of global users and greatly improve the users' translation experience.
About Wooask
As the world's leading voice translation platform, Wooask is committed to solving language communication barriers around the world, relying on the world's leading voice recognition, translation and other core technologies. Wooask supports real-time voice dialog translation, offline voice translation, recording-to-text, translation earset and many other translation functions. It also provides a full range of intelligent hardware products such as AI intelligent translator, translation earset, recording to writing pen, etc. associated with the use, which can meet different translation needs in multiple scenarios and in all aspects. It makes translation simpler and communication barrier-free!