Disclaimer of liability

The user information publishing service (hereinafter referred to as "service providers") should ensure the release of the service is real, safe, standardized, legal, service fulfillment process shall not violate the legal provisions of the local search service platform for information content (the authenticity of the content, security, standardization, legitimacy is not a substantive review).

Service providers publish services should be based on legal, safe and standardized, users need to be responsible for their own travel during the process of personal safety and property safety in travel, travel in the personal injury or property loss and to find the platform independent.

Service providers in order to provide users with services before, to confirm the price, such as the occurrence of a reward or listen to the task, the transaction funds need to be hosted by the platform, and effectively protect the interests of users and service providers. If the service provider and the user does not have a private transaction between the platform hosting funds, the platform is not responsible for the transaction.

In the travel service providers involved in transport must be legitimate, do not use illegal vehicles transporting users, such as service providers in violation of the foregoing requirements caused any damage or loss to the user shall bear the relevant responsibility, has nothing to do with the information search platform.

Users involved in travel during the process of food consumption, must take place in the local health permit in the restaurant, if the service provider takes the user to the unsafe and unsanitary environment having meal meals, food poisoning, the responsibility borne by the service provider.

In view of the WooAsk platform for information publishing platform, service matchmaking platform, social networking platform, the user registration information to review and confirm the information provided is in accordance with the requirements for consultation account registration form, any information and to register or provide the substantive examination, for the user to provide registration information or other information on yourself or other people any damage, should provide information on the user to bear the responsibility of WooAsk platform for registration information only on the plus V certification users and service providers to guarantee.

For some services, service providers to obtain income, shall have jurisdiction on the basis of tax law to declare and pay the corresponding taxes, to find platform does not have any withholding or to declare obligations.

Service providers and users, to determine whether the service will organize or participate in any other obligations in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, the relevant provisions on the administration of company users, users on the basis of the industry standards and other relevant documents signed agreement of burden, if the service provider organizations related activities or because users participate in related activities and in violation of the relevant the laws and regulations, the relevant management regulations, industry standards and obligations, seeking consultative platform will not take any responsibility.

Service providers with the service if it is in the housing property of others, must be the owner of the licensing services to occur, and the WooAsk platform for the legitimacy of the trip does not assume any responsibility.

If the service provider when the "Wizard" need to apply for a special license in specific countries and regions, be sure to get a license and then started to accept reservations, based on service providers seeking qualification is not a substantive review, but can be included into the service provider certification, qualification as a reference. If the service provider itself due to the dispute dispute, the Advisory does not assume any responsibility.

If the user is located in the country and the area requires more than a certain number of play to the local public security department to apply for a license, users, service providers need to get permission before the start of service.

Service providers and WooAsk is not an employment relationship, WooAsk is just a platform provider, WooAsk service providers do not assume any commitment and security. Involving funds custodian.