About WooAsk

Shenzhen Maoren Technology Co., Ltd. launched a APP software [WooAsk] (English: WooAsk): is a one-stop cross-border travel by overseas local social Chinese Master to travel abroad, travel, business travel to provide a variety of services sharing service platform. Through the platform to get through the language, trust, payment, information asymmetry barriers, find the local people to work for you, answer questions. Even the people who go abroad can travel without obstacles and make friends with the world. Make the local Chinese people (Chinese, overseas Chinese, students, etc.) through the use of spare time through the platform to provide a variety of part-time or full-time services (such as tour guides, to accompany, translation, consulting, etc.) to make money.
WooAsk has built a bridge and contact the overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese Chinese, whether it is online quiz, consultation, line appointments, accompanied, translation, tour guides, errands, consulting services, can easily help you get! Overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese also can make money, even if Chinese can not go abroad, overseas consulting experts, to understand the world!

About us

WooAsk team consists of elite team in the field of cross-border tourism, foreign trade and Internet, electricity suppliers in the field of research and development more than 10 years experience
Operations team: in the cross-border tourism, foreign trade area has more than 10 years of international market development and travel experience. Core team members have been to dozens of countries around the world, the business of cross-border areas have very in-depth research, in-depth understanding of the needs of users in different countries. With a global view and rich experience in operation, management and actual combat;

Our duty

Committed to the global travel, business, information services, more convenient for users to obtain their own information and services, the more quickly identify the user needed contacts, so that people in different countries more convenient to exchange. Let the world people can play their own good in the field, through the Internet to profit.

History of the company

August 2015 TradeEhomeAPP global line, TradeEhome is committed to serving the global foreign trade service providers, for the user to create a professional social networking platform for foreign trade.
November 2016 WooAskAPP global line, WooAsk is committed to serving the global cross-border people, to provide users with a problem that can solve the problem, to find the required services, to make the Internet platform for the needs of the people.

Watch the video on the day of the conference: http://video.sina.com.cn/view/249752361.html

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